3 Top Army Games

Have you ever thought of being a solider taking part in a war, killing intruding enemies, and striving hard to protect your nation? At present, one can enjoy that great feeling of battling out in an army field via some of the new advanced army games that are available for playing online free.

There are several varieties of army games offered to the online gamers that could keep them fully entertained during their leisure. Most of the army games are often categorized under shooting games, since this shooting is what soldiers mainly have a tendency to do on the aggressive battleground.

In fact, there are several different flavors of shooting online games as well. In all the turret defense games, the main objective of the players is to protect their territory from the intruding enemies by making use of a huge turret. If you are interested in playing free army games, you can find so many options out there on the internet.

In order to help our readers get a chance to play of some best army games, in the below presented sections, we have compiled a list of top 3 army games, read through.

Army Rage

Army Rage is a well-known 3D World War II subjected MMOFPS publicized by the famous Yacuba Gamer, a China-based gaming firm. This game aims to battle it out for two main titles, including Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield Heroes, since it includes vehicles.

Top Army Games

It has started its closed testing of the beta phase on 6th December 2011, and introduced with a handful of gaming modes and maps, but since then it has been constantly including more and more features, maps, and gaming modes. This game started during the time of World-War II, and consists of realistic tanks and weapons.

America’s Army

America’s Army is a latest 3D strategic shooter online game designed by the United States Army. It is a part PR ploy and part recruitment tool, but in general it stands out as one of the most popular army games that have been widely played by online gamers around the globe.

Top Army Games

With its impressive standing towards practical battle and teamwork, America’s Army (AA) is clearly one of the best games online among the presently available MMOFPS games.

One Man Army

One Man Army is another famous army-based game at present, in which a player tries to reach destination by killing/defeating all the opponents. The player needs to press the space bar to move forward, exploit mouse to turn the gun, and fire.

Top Army Games

Apart from the above mentioned army games there are many other similar games that are drawing the interest of most of the online gamers around the world. Here’s a list of 5 other good army based games that you could try once.

  • Shadez 2
  • Army of Destruction
  • Navy Vs Army
  • Special Ops
  • Military Rescue

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