Top 3 Android Games Launched from Last Week

Mobiles games are one of the rarest things loved by everyone from children to aged people. As the price of mobile devices is reducing, games are becoming more popular. This is happening with Android devices as the price of an Android mobile starts from under $100, which gives users a huge flexibility to use the device.

In the mobile gaming segment, there are many first-time gamers and so there is a huge market lying ahead, which can be easily tapped. To get the market share, gaming companies are launching newer games every now and then. And with every edition, they are upgrading the games as well as the UI, which attracts more customers and retains them on their platform. This will also help them to gain more revenue as some of them definitely go for the premium features via which the games will become much more engaging and can easily grab the front position in the leader board.

android games launched

In this series, we will give you the highlights of the top games that were launched in the previous week.

Magic Rampage

android games launched

Magic Rampage is a popular game, which is available for free of cost. Here, a combination of hack ‘n’ slash role is present. Basically, it is an adventure game, which is filled with bloodthirsty and menacing characters. One can customize the character and collect new weapons and armor too. And the interesting thing is about looting gold, finding secrets areas etc.

Dawn of the Sniper

android games launched

Here comes another interesting game called Dawn of the Sniper, which is a free version. Basically, it is developed based on the zombies. So, to protect yourself and others, you will have a sniper. It has a ‘customize’ option, which can be used to increase the level of difficulty.

SBK 15

android games launched

SBK 15 very popular in the racing games category. This official mobile game is free too. Those addicted to racing games love to play this. Here, you can play World Superbike Championship and choose the bike of your dreams and track too. Its biggest benefit is that it has the feelings of real world gaming with real sounds, tracks, viewing etc.

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