Top 5 iPad Strategy Games That Every Gaming Enthusiast Ought to Try Out

iPad strategy games can be extremely engaging, and the best ones include the real-time strategy games, turn-based strategy games, and classic tower defense games that can simply keep you glued on to your iPad for hours together. Developers have provided a wide range of strategy games with good sense of humor and more tactics. Here are the top 5 iPad strategy games that every hardcore gaming enthusiast must try out –

1.    Civilization Revolution

The Civilization Revolution game is placed at the top of the list, because it is a legendary award-winning game for iPad and iPhone. It is an addictive game and greatest of all games in the series.

Civilization Revolution is specially built, developed and adopted for iPod, iPad and iPhone. You can enjoy the game play with good controls and graphics and have a hell of a time with it.

The scope, quality, and game play depth is unmatched with other games in iPhones and iPads. It has got the epic feel of PC games and users who love strategy games will simply find it tough to resist playing it until they clear it.


2.    Tower Madness

It is one of the best tower defence games that you can play on your iPad. The game challenges you with the most important tasks at the time of alien invasion.

In this particular game, you need to defend your sheep from getting trapped by aliens.

Aliens come with different capabilities in different shapes. You can also layout the defenses that force aliens to move across the winding paths. It falls under the simple nature category and offers you hours of fun. The game can be extended through acquisition of maps/boards and new weapons.

TowerMadness features an excellent tutorial that helps you get acquainted quickly with the game without getting bored for a long time.


3.    Army of Darkness Defense

If you liked Bruce Campbell in the classic Army of Darkness, then you will certainly love this game. The game has many memorable lines that you would have enjoyed in the movie.

The game play includes standard castle defense with RPG elements in the form of special abilities and upgraded units gained by the main character in the game. Other abilities include tricking the enemy with the book of dead-false version. This game is a complete combination of character, quotes, setting, and strategic game play that makes it a real winner.

army-of-darkness-defense-the-oldsmobile-is-a-powerful-weapon4. Modern Conflict

 Modern Conflict is a single-touch real-time strategy game, and here you can launch the offensive in air and also on land with wide range of weapons like anti-aircraft guns. You can play the game with unique one touch control.

 You can control the complete action with one finger. Setting in the modern times, you can deploy the helicopters and tanks to take over the enemy and neutral bases. However, these attempts are more difficult in terms of artillery and fortifications.

Whenever you attack the enemy base with a tank or a helicopter unit, you will undergo additional causalities. So it is necessary to pick the battles as well. It is also worth to send the helicopter squad for taking over the under-populated enemy base.

5. iBomber Defense

 iBomber Defense is one of the latest games in the successful iBomber series. If you want to execute the tower defense strategies on both sea and land, iBomber Defense will be an ideal strategy game. You will find 22 different levels for both Axis powers and Allied forces.

There are tons of strategies included in iBomber Defense. The game is completely polished and has amazing details packed into every element. You can consider iBomber Defense as a must-buy game and it is certainly one of the best tower defense games on the iStore.

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